Book Review: Rework

Book Review: Rework

27 March 2012


I have often felt guilty that I do not read books as often as I used to read a few years back. I now have a excuses from being time constrained to being overwhelmed by the information overload. One of the things that I had for 2012 was to pick up at least one book a month and read it. Rework was on my to-be-read list for a while now. What intrigued me most about the book was the reviews, people either just adored the book or rejected it outright. There were very few moderates.

The book is by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the guys who started basecamp and invented the popular programming framework Ruby on Rails. The book is not their story but what they learned in the process.

You might be tricked into assuming the book is for startups or entrepreneurs only. Well, it’s NOT. Of course there are sections in the book that deals with specific situations that entrepreneurs and startups face like funding, hiring and PR.But it is for anyone who is looking to cutting the rework and start working on things that matter,projects that make a difference or setting up business that add value and generate wealth. Its not a guide on how to quit your job. The book talks about being lean and not to measure the success by size and bulk. The authors advocate lean organizations and teams that are easier to pivot to change. This is also evident from the size of the book which is quite lean – under 250 pages of actual content. At best the book can be described as a series of excellent blog posts that are stitched nicely together, but that’s what makes it an excellent read.

Overall, the book wins with me. However if I were to pick my 5 favorite -

As Seth Godin puts it very aptly in his single line review – “Ignore the book at your own peril”

PS – I have edited this review ruthlessly to keep it under 600 words

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